Friday, September 23, 2011

On Being a "Poet"

For those of you who don't (Shame on you), I am taking a poetry writing workshop this term. As such, I have to write, a lot, and read, a fair bit. As I was trying to sleep like night, this poem came to my head, and I knew I needed to write it down. I didn't. So here it goes, a half recollected garble, that was the most perfect poem ever, but was mangled by my memory.

I Was High.
High as a figurative Kite.
It was somewhat fun and interesting.
Until I hit that Brown and oily shit.
Oh dude, I started trippin,
trippin Motherfuckin Balls.
I tripped so bad I broke Shit.
I Want to Find the Gent,
who decided to put Axle Grease
On A Fire Escape and Commit