Sunday, October 16, 2011

Devil's Advocate.

I have a remarkable tendency to offend people
               without even wanting to just by my actions and my words.
I don't even need to pull out my
                dick or my proverbial machete of insults.
I just do it.
                 through words and actions.
I reserve the right to contradict myself.
                  I reserve the right to not agree with what I say.
I reserve the right to say anything I want to, and not care.
I reserve the right to reserve as many rights as I want to.
                  People take themselves far
too seriously.
                 As if they matter.
As if they will make a difference with their
puny lives and stunted minds.
                  I am no better, but at least I know.
We should start gassing people again.
Call back the IG Farben group to brew another batch of Zyklon-B.
                Wouldn't it be nice if we had another Auschwitz, but filled
with Retards and People who take themselves far too seriously?
It would crack me up, to see some of my acquaintances
                in there.
               going for a "Shower".
We should make taking one's self seriously a capital offence.
And elect a parliament of people
               with no self respect, ego, artifice.
So if they start taking themselves seriously,
they can take a "shower" too.
Some of us will take the "shower" too, but
it will be for the greater good. For the betterment of people.
for a newer happier society.
For gentler people.
               For no wars.
For endless supply of Ashes for commercial use.
For Industrial Expansion.
And the best part is.
It won't be a holocaust.
              Because the people who care
              would be the first to go.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I would comment,
but I have already 'showered',
And you haven't!