Thursday, November 17, 2011

My New Year's Resolution.

So it is 2012 now, or soon, depending on the publication of this piece. As such, I am not paying heed to the idiotic buggers out there who say the world is going to end. However, my resolution does tie in to the concept of limited time in a given place. So in previous years, I have tried to quit smoking, exercise and all that usual stuff everybody does. But this year, I have something different in mind. It might seem outlandish, and somewhat strange of me to say this, considering what most people see of me, but this year, I am going to try to be more like Kody Schermier. Strange innit? I know. However, let me explain. When Madam Editor (I refer to Ms. Blenker as such, because she has a hand in my measly paycheck as a writer) told me to not write anything except this piece, I started thinking. One of the reasons I am doing this piece is because Madam Editor told me I could be as outlandish, cynical and all that stuff in this piece. I naturally rose to the challenge. So this is what I came up with.
I used to hate my room mate last year, Kody Schermier. I had good times with him, and bad times. After his recent escapade, I thought he was a total idiot. But today, I sat on Berger's bench, and I realized something. I wish I could be Kody Schermier. He would go on arguments just for the sake of them, he would be obnoxiously nitpicky, and then, being a total idiot, he went AWOL with just his camera, his bike, some clothes, and his entire liquidated bank account. Dick move, right? I disagree, now at least. You see, I spent a year in close proximity with him, taught him, at least somewhat, photography, and generally chilled with him. He, ladies and gentlemen, did what I would do, if I had the balls to do it. He would ask questions, not scared of being perceived as a dick. He would try out new things, he learned photography and he could bake a mean loaf of bread. And he renounced everything, to be independent, to do whatever he loved. Yes, I know his family was distraught, and I thought that was idiotic of him. But then I thought more about it. Kody made a choice. He decided that college would do him no good and he would be better off outside. He made his decision, and acted upon it. Regardless of the consequences, I respect that.
I would be the first defender of diversity if called upon. I think a vibrant community depends not upon the so called “normal” people who fit in, conform. They are useful, to ensure stability, but we, frankly, as a society, and as a college community, need more eccentric people. Conor Harris running around shirtless, with his slam poetry, Kody Schermier, biking, whistling, the accordion dude, Clent Whitehead practicing mixed martial arts in the quad, the guy who rides a unicycle around campus, Kevin with his books, the kid with speakers in his bag and a confederate flag in his room, Simon Lynes and I jamming with ukuleles and guitars in the quad, Drunk Ross tumbling around lost to the world. All these people, myself included, play a vital part in the campus community. Imagine how boring it would be without them. People who do things differently, incite conversation, dialogue, and make the whole better. Uniformity is boring. With Kody gone, the campus lost a vital presence. Who will Berger swear at for whistling? Who will I hate on for being obnoxiously nice? Who will run around barefoot in the snow? As such, I want to do interesting stuff this year. Make my time here interesting. I have two and a half years left in America, I might as well have fun while I am here. Maybe I'll learn how to bake, or do bike repair, or slam poetry, or learn to play the kazoo, or learn how to knit. I know for sure though, I will do something fun. I will learn from the mistakes I will invariable make, and I will be a better person for it.
I just know that this coming year, I will not be scared to try something new. I know I will better myself, regardless of what people around me think. I know that I will make tough decisions and I will stand by them. And if in doing so I pay my respects to what now I realize was a close friend, so be it.


Anonymous said...

Hi Old friend and schoolmate, what a beautiful piece, not only that, you made a point that hits home with a lot of people. I know it hit home for me. If and when you are okay with it, you should submit it to the coyote, I think many, whether victims of outlandish people or outlandish people themselves, could use the message. Thanks so much for this piece Rahul, it was a delightful and thoughtful read!!

Anonymous said...

Days like this, I wish I could pull a Kody. Just up and something enjoyable and meaningful with life. If only I had the balls.

Rahul, El Terroristo. said...